Montezuma Well National Monument

A massive natural spring is surrounded by multiple small cliff dwellings.
Courtesy: NPS Photo/Sharlot Hart
Montezuma Well

In a similar, but separate area from Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well National Monument is a Sinagua construction based around an ancient, naturally occurring spring. As a result, multiple cliff dwellings, which still exist today, were constructed around the well then occupied by Sinagua people. Montezuma Well was also used as an ancient irrigation source through a canal system to farm the surrounding lands and maintain a steady supply of water.  The surrounding area is also home to multiple ancient remains of pit houses, pottery, and walls used to support the ancient canal system. Many tribes in the area consider it a sacred place, with the Yavapai people viewing Montezuma Well as a deeply sacred place as they believe it is how their people emerged into the world. Today, the area is a National Monument which is maintained by the National Park Service and visited by thousands of people annually. 

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Ancient cliff dwellings built from stone are situated around an ancient pool of water.
Courtesy: NPS
Cliff Dwellings surrounding Montezuma Well National Monument